Wild Caught Salmon

Note: There are 4 different flavors of salmon burgers - Plain salmon patties, Feta Dill salmon patties, Garden Style salmon patties and Spicy salmon patties. We plan to rotate the salmon burgers on a monthly or possibly every other month basis so you can enjoy all the flavors. We will attempt to call attention to the arrival of the new flavor each time but cannot promise it. Keep watching the website for your favorite flavor of Alaskan Wild Caught Salmon Burgers.

Alaskan Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon - 1 filet/pkg.

Avg. filet size 1.5 lb. - Wild for Salmon has elected to give us a nice discount on the Salmon Fillets through the end of May so we are passing on the savings .
Avg. 1.25 lb.

Keta Salmon Portions

Avg. filet size 6 oz.
Avg. 6.4 oz.

Salmon Burger Patties - 2/pkg.

4 oz patties, 2 patties per pack

Spicy Salmon Burger Patties

4 oz patties, 2 patties per pack - Note: The seasoned patties have not sold very well for us so we plan to discontinue them.
Sale $1.00 savings